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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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to see them pass by—but for this time I believe we shall not exhibit so historical a parade.
The night of the committee, my brother Walpole18 had got two or three invalids at his house, designing to carry them into the House through his door, as they were too ill to go round by Westminster Hall; the Patriots, who have rather more contrivances than their predecessors of Grecian and Eoman memory, had taken the precaution of stopping the keyhole with sand. How Livy's eloquence would have been hampered, if there had been back-doors and keyholes to the Temple of Concord !
A few days ago there were lists of the officers at Port Mahon laid before the House of Lords: unfortunately, it appeared that two-thirds of the regiment had been absent. The Duke of Argyll said, * Such a list was a libel on the government'; and of all men, the Duke of Newcastle was the man who rose up and agreed with him: remember what I told you once before of his union with Carteret. We have carried the York election by a majority of 956.
The other night the Bishop of Canterbury10 was with Sir Eobert, and on going away, said, 'Sir, I have lately been reading Thuanus20; he mentions a minister, who having long been persecuted by his enemies, at length vanquished them: the reason he gives, guia se non desemit'
Sir Thomas Kobinson is at last named to the government of Barbadoes; he has long prevented its being asked for, by declaring that he had the promise of it. Luckily for
18 Robert, Lord Walpole, afterwards Earl of Orford. He was Auditor of the Exchequer, and Ma house joined to the House of Commons, to which he had a door; but it was soon afterwards looked up, by an order of the House. Walpole.— He succeeded his father as second Earl of Orford, 1746 ; was Banger of
Richmond Park, 1725; Master of the Foxhounds, 1788; Auditor of the Exchequer, 1789 ; d. 1761.
" John Potter, d. 1747.
20 Jacques Auguste de Thou (1558-1617), -who -wrote in Latin a history of his own time in one hundred and thirty-eight books.